Gluteoplasty at Natural Renovation

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In gluteal fat transfer surgery or gluteoplasty, fatty tissue is extracted from places such as the abdomen, flanks or where the patient has fat. Then subcutaneous fat autografting will be performed in the gluteal region to contour the buttocks.

Gluteoplasty with Liposculpture

Gluteoplasty with Liposculpture consists of increasing the volume of the buttock through the infiltration of fat obtained from other parts of the body.

Fat injection for buttock augmentation is a new technique that offers natural and aesthetic results to those who want to increase the volume of their buttocks and who do not want silicone implants.

The technique consists of sucking fat from some part of the body where there is an excess of it (hips, holsters, abdomen, waist or back), and then injecting it into the areas of the buttocks that need to be treated, thus obtaining a more natural shape of the buttocks.

The scars are 3mm long in each of the areas where fat was collected and heal quickly, becoming almost imperceptible.

The surgery is very simple and does not cause postoperative pain as in prosthesis surgery. In addition, it has no drawbacks of rejection or capsule formation, infections or asymmetries.

This technique is also known by the name of Brazilian butt lift. You will get spectacular results. 

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