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Surgical blepharoplasty 

Surgical blepharoplasty has as a result, with a postoperative period of 15 days, a reduction in excess skin. It can be in the lower, upper or both eyelids, depending on the patient's needs.

It also removes the bags of fat that are left over.

Gives a more rejuvenated and fresher look without bags.

Blefaroplastia quirúrgica
Surgical blepharoplasty

Non-surgical blepharoplasty 

Plasma Laser is a safe and effective technology for minimally invasive treatment of excess skin and wrinkles on the eyelids. With this device, the emission of plasma is carried out in small points on the area to be treated, giving the effect of tightening the skin, as well as promoting the production and natural regeneration of collagen and elastin. Finally, the skin will regress signs of aging in a natural and will look smooth and young.

The days of recovery can go more or less to 8 or 15 days, this according to the evaluation of each patient.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty

An experience that renews you


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