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Medical tourism in Bogotá is one of the preferred internationally for surgical procedures. The quality of specialist doctors, clinics and procedures are a great attraction, in addition to the cultural richness of a diverse and multicultural city. 

Every year more patients from other nations leave their surgical procedures in the hands of Dr. Natalia Reyes and her entire team. The United States, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom and neighboring countries are the places where we are most often visited for medical tourism in Colombia.

Once you arrive in the country, we have hotels with excellent service, comfort and located in strategic areas so that you have a peaceful postoperative period. We have all the agreements so that programming your trip is simple and complete. 

We have prepared for you not only the accommodation but also a medical policy that will cover any unforeseen event, the idea is that you can come accompanied, but do not worry because we have nursing staff to attend to any of your needs. 

The best thing about traveling to Colombia for a surgical procedure is the distinguished clinics and plastic surgeons that are at your disposal. We must always make a virtual assessment appointment where we will know your medical history and we will clarify all your doubts. We have personalized financing plans so that you can fulfill your dream of having surgery with us. 

Dr. Natalia Reyes is a plastic surgeon member of the SCCP Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgery ASPS. And it has the knowledge and multidisciplinary team to make your surgery a success and your unique experience.

Among the surgeries that are most performed at *Natural Renovation* -Dra Natalia Reyes are: high definition liposculpture, abdominoplasty, augmentation mammoplasty or breast pexy and the mommy makeover,

If you want to live a personalized and unique experience with Dr. Natalia Reyes and her entire Natural Renovation team, do not hesitate to contact us to have an unforgettable trip in Bogotá, Colombia.

An experience that renews you


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